Some of you saw these things while visiting Sampson, but most did not.

Here are some photos made at earlier SAFBVA annual reunions and by one of the first members of the organization on a personal visit to Sampson. Kindly note that digital photography has improved over the years and that the photos on this page were all produced on photo film and then converted to computer viewable images - those that are shown here.

1999 - Early Member Charles (Chuck) McGlynn pays a visit to what was left of Sampson AFB

Chuck sent these (and additional) photos to Gus Kilthau for display on the SampsonVets Web site:

Clockwise from top left: The Orderly Room for the 3650th USAF Hospital, the Firestation for the hospital area (now converted to be the Reception Building for the new Sampson Veterans Memorial Cemetary), and the hospital area medical prisoner stockade.

What was left of the Medical Supply Warehouse (not much, but there were still some old wooden freight pallets kicking around the loading dock.

Left: The Base Commander’s living quarters Right: Other ranking officer’s living quarters

Left: The hospital laundry building, behind which stood the big heating plant and the attached incinerator (the building and smokestack to the right.
Right: A view of what was left of the big parking lot near the orderly room.

Clockwise from top left: Army National Guard helicopter that was flown in for display. Member Wohaska’s restored “White” (brand) Air Force truck tractor, and Larry Hagerty (left) with Gus Kilthau (right) at the museum grounds with the Navy vets’ cannon display in the background. [Larry Hagerty was the first Keynote Speaker at one of the SAFBVA’s annual reunions. He spoke about his visits to and views of both VietNams.

Left: Association volunteer “work party” helping to clean up and do a bit of work at the museum we were then refurbishing at the old Stockade. Right: The stockade courtyard where volunteers were placing memorial bricks.